7 Little Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

You may have if not already encountered those people who question and maybe even poke fun of the fact that you wear makeup. This is probably because

1. They don’t wear makeup themselves or

2. They don’t understand how to wear it

Next time someone asks why you wear so much makeup or why you wear makeup in general you can give a few reasons that are completely valid. So here is 1 little reasons why women wear makeup.

Reason #1

Women wear makeup because they enjoy putting on makeup. Women who are into the makeup trends and new products just in general enjoy putting different products on their face. Especially beauty bloggers or vloggers who as a job need to try out different products to information the reader and viewer what products would be the best for them. If you are not either of those kinds of people, the reasons who may like to put on makeup is to try out new products that may suit different needs of your face. Also, out may want to try out different techniques or colors on your eyes and cheeks, or even lips.

Reason #2

Women wear makeup to look better. Even though this sounds like, oh I think that women are naturally ugly or think they are, that is not the case. A lot of products can help you enhance your natural features and helps you look fresh and awake. A lot of on the go and busy women like to look awake and ready for the day (with a side of coffee). Once in a while though, women like to wear makeup to look good for a night out and have fun with it. Who doesn’t like to look good on a night on the town?

Reason #3

Women like to wear makeup to be and look trendy. Women who are generally more trendy and like to daringly try out new trends are not hard to miss. Whether it is a cool new lip color or a brightly colored eye shadow, women who try out new and different trends look exciting and look interesting to talk to.

Reason #4

Women wear makeup to look like a different person. Sometimes we like to look like a different person, whether it is because we are insecure with ourselves, we have an option to feel more confident with ourselves. A thing to remember though, if you are this kind of person, know that you are beautiful just the way you are. Women who like to look like someone else generally have an icon to look to for what they would like to look similar to. Obviously you can’t be the exact person you  would like to, do what makes you happy with yourself.

Reason #5

Women wear makeup to feel happy about themselves. Makeup has the power to give you the confidence to step out in public and show yourself. When women take the time to make themselves look the way they want, they feel better and happy that they look better then waking up and lazily putting on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. Obviously not every day you should get full on ready, but whenever I get the chance, I like to look nice. Plus, it helps me feel better about myself, a happier self.

Reason #6

Women wear makeup to express themselves. Makeup give you the options to creative different looks and create a look that you enjoy and hopefully shows how you are as a person. That is not the only things that can distinguish you as a person, but from not knowing someone and taking a glance, you can get an idea what type of person you are.

Reason #7

Women wear makeup to show their skill. Don’t get me wrong, we all like to show our work and et recognition, what better way than to compete with other women? Whether you just watches a new makeup tutorial and you want to try out a new technique that you nailed or you found out a cool way to do your winged liner, women try every possibility to get compliments.

Whether you like to wear makeup because it makes you feel better about yourself, or you wear it to express themselves, women shouldn’t be ridiculed for doing what makes them happy. Everyone has their own preferences and things that make them happy, and we should praise people who have something to enjoy and live for.

Be happy and express yourself. Do you.




First Post

Hey There!

Since this is my first post, I thought I would give a little sneak peak into what is coming on my blog!

This blog hopefully will give me the freedom to express my opinions on many things, whether it’s about self image, fashion and beauty, I hope to give my honest opinion to help anyone reading to give me feedback as well. I hope this becomes a community of creative, friendly discussion. While I know not everyone has kind things to say, I hope to keep this a safe environment, where I can express my opinions and feelings.

I can’t wait to grow this blog into something I pour my heart and soul into. Like said in my blog title, Not Just Fashion N’ Beauty, self explanatory; Not only do I talk about trends in fashion and beauty, but trends in self image and the like.

Whoever has read this, I hope you have a fantastic day.